The SWEY Story

Alana then realized that her struggle expanded far beyond the lack of her choices, but instead into the lack of good choices available for everyone.
Developing Gen Z's Athletic Fuel

After receiving her results, she began educating herself on what sugar overloads and empty calories can cause, while desperately looking for ways to get her life back on track by building a healthier lifestyle. For Alana, this meant becoming pescatarian, cutting out sugar, and implementing daily exercise. From crying on her first lap on the track to sprinting on the tennis court, Alana tried her best to create her holistic lifestyle.

After a workout, Alana noticed there were no sports drinks available for GEN Z and kids like her prediabetic. When she turned 13, Alana was accepted into the Loudoun County Young Entrepreneur's Academy (YEA), where she learned how to create a business. She decided to change the game by creating a sports drink for her Generation.

SWEY, an acronym for Strong Wise Energetic Youth, is the Modern Day Natural Sports Drink made by GEN Z for GEN Z. Alana's challenge was to replenish herself from her workout, and because the market was flooded with added sugars in a sports drink, she decided to create one that was healthy and filled with natural ingredients. Alana developed SWEY with her prediabetic diagnosis in mind.

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