Because Gen Z SWEY's Differently.

The Modern Sports Drink Made by Gen Z for Gen Z.

Fresh flavors in one vitamin enriched package.

Reset your fuel.


As a pre-diabetic athlete, Gen Z CEO & Founder Alana Andrews had no proper way to refuel. In response to this growing need, she created the modern alternative: a natural sports drink with no added sugar intentionally crafted for the Gen Z athlete.

What makes us swey?

Alana designed SWEY to include only super ingredients for a transformational generation.

No more having to choose between taste or nutrition, health or convenience. With a bursting flavor profile of fruity combinations, we've bridged the gap for athletes.

Whether you're looking for a sugarless, vegan, gluten-free, or vitamin-powered option, SWEY was designed to impactfully refuel.

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Meet Alana:

Alana began building the SWEY vision during her 8th grade year, and now, over five years later, she's launched the company with an incredible team of experts, researchers, & pediatricians.

When not formulating new SWEY flavors, Alana's an Author, Motivational Speaker, Creator of So Positive LLC, & an incoming freshman at the Wharton Business School of the University of Pennsylvania.

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SWEY with Us:

We're commited to making SWEY accessible. Moreover, we aim to provide resources in empowering athletes to make their visions move.

Contact us through our form linked below, or by using our email address at to bring SWEY to your school, gym, store, or community by becoming a SWEY partner.


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SWEY's for the Strong Wise Energetic Youth making a positive dent in the universe; otherwise known as Gen Z. SWEY is Gen Z Founded & Gen Z based and focuses on positively refueling the changemakers of today.


SWEY has carefully crafted it's drinks to include the best ingredients designed for Gen Z Athletes. Some of the drink's highlights include B Vitamins, Vitamins A & E, Electrolytes, & Minerals and more to give you the best replenishment.


We cut out the loads of sugar and artificial sweeteners in the average sports drink, and replaced it with Monk Fruit, Stevia, & Erythritol for positive replenishment.

Designed right

"As a pediatrician, I believe that SWEY is a healthier alternative to sports drinks that are currently on the market..."

Dr. Jamille Cooper M.D.

"SWEY is a sport drink specifically designed for kids with diabetes in mind - until now there have been NO drinks that took their needs into consideration..."

Carole Stizza, PCC, SHRM-SCP

"It is a much more nutritious and safe alternative to Gatorade and other commercial drinks out there..."

Jill Cruz, MS, CNS Board-Certified Nutritionist