• Refuel with Greatness

Refuel with Greatness

The Natural Gen Z Sports Drink

Made by GEN Z

At 8-years-old and as a borderline diabetic, Alana Andrews saw a problem with the lack of natural replenishment for young athletes. Eight years later, she created the solution - SWEY!

The SWEY Story

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What people are saying!

"As a pediatrician, I believe that SWEY is a healthier alternative to sports drinks that are currently on the market. Especially important is that it is specifically formulated to provide vitamins and important electrolytes essential for the nutritional demands of preteens and adolescents"


"It is a much more nutritious and safe alternative to Gatorade and other commercial drinks out there"

- Jill Cruz, MS, CNS Board-Certified Nutritionist

“It tasted good and it was refreshing”

- 15-year-old

“Flavor Smooth [and] refreshing”

- 34-year-old retired NFL Vet


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