Frequently Asked Questions

SWEY is the first natural sports drink made by Gen Z for Gen Z. There are plenty of sports drinks in the market, however they're all missing the gap on targeting young athletes & providing natural replenishment. Not only will SWEY be providing a new and innovative product for an untapped market, but we are also Gen Z Founded & Gen Z based!

We have specifically designed SWEY for Gen Z and have intentionally included ingredients that are important for Gen Z athletes. Some of these ingredients are Vitamin A & E, B Vitamins, Potassium, Zinc, & so much more! SWEY is not a supplement, but it is a much better way to replenish!

One of the main attributes of our target market is that we value inclusivity! We don't only want to see diversity, we want to implement and embrace diversity! Because of this, one of SWEY's mission is to expand the meaning of sports and to redefine the profile of an athlete. The SWEY Athlete is anyone who puts in hard work towards achieving their goal. SWEY's for the Gen Z Leaders, Actors, Fashion Designers, STEM Experts, Traditional Athletes, Dancers, Painters Inventors, Changemakers, and so much more. We all put in hard work and we all need to be replenished.

SWEY is sweetened with Monk Fruit, Stevia, & Erythritol. Erythritol is a type of carbohydrate called a sugar alcohol that is used as a sugar substitute and has no effect on glucose or insulin levels. Sugar alcohols “occur naturally in foods and come from plant products such as fruits and berries” (ynh.org). Sugar alcohols are not artificial sweeteners. They have 70% of the sweetness of sugar, have close to no calories, & Erythritol is known to be the healthiest sugar alcohol!

One of our values in SWEY is to always remain transparent with our customers. We know what it’s like to be confused by what’s really in a product. That’s why we will be breaking down what’s exactly in SWEY and why we have included it in the drink. Each of our ingredients serves a purpose, a purpose to continue to refuel with greatness.

The problem which propelled the creation of SWEY was identified in 2012 when SWEY's CEO & Founder, Alana Andrews, was prediabetic and saw no healthy options to replenish. Fast forward a few years, and in 2017 Alana was accepted into and worked with the Young Entrepreneurs Academy. During her time in the Academy, she was able to take the problem she saw and turn it into a product! Thus, the idea for SWEY was born! Over the past four years, and after countless research, market testing, and through working with successful industry experts, SWEY has launched and we are so excited to be sharing the vision with you all!

Alana Andrews is the 17-year-old Two-Time Author, Speaker, Founder & President of the So Positive Initiative, and Founder & CEO of So Positive, LLC., and The SWEY Corporation. Alana’s mission is to empower the youth of today to live a positive lifestyle by refueling themselves with what’s important. Alana focuses on helping to build self-confidence, a strong mindset, and healthy habits for Gen Z through her companies & books. Check out more on Alana and her impact at alanaandrews.com & sopositiveinc.com.

Contact us if you are interested in investing in SWEY. If you are an athlete who would like to be a part of our campaigns, let us know! One of our goals is to get SWEY into the school systems - let us know if you can help us with this! You can also support us through our social pages @sweytoplay and by spreading the message about how you SWEY by using #sweytoplay!